Tri Peak Holdings

A small family office.
Like, really small.

We buy and hold. Mostly public stocks, mostly tech, and mostly forever.

Managed by Nick Gray.


August 2021 portfolio allocation

78% public equities, incl:
-- 48% tech
-- 30% index
5% cash
6% private equity
7% real estate
4% fixed income

Largest tech holdings are $NET, $TSLA, $AMZN, and $GOOG.

Some index at Saber Capital and in $QQQ.

Real estate investments at SFR3 and Stro.


Nick's 2021 Charitable Donations Tracker
Google Sheets file, 51 rows

Inspired by Jack Dorsey's $1B donation.

2021-12-31 giving update
I haven't given nearly enough. So I made a $1M donation to kick myself in the pants and move faster in 2022.

For considerations or suggestions, email.

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Tri Peak Holdings LLC

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