Tri Peak Holdings

A small family office.
Like, really small.
I buy and hold. Mostly public stocks, mostly tech, and mostly forever.Managed and owned entirely by Nick Gray.


May 2023 portfolio allocation81% stocks
14% real estate
5% cash and other
including as a pctg of total
* $NET 17%
* $TSLA 8%
* $AMZN 8%
* $VEA 7%
* $GOOG 6%
Stocks are mostly tech (largest listed above) and then index-adjacent such as $IVV, $QQQ, $BRKB. I have very small holdings of $FB and $PLTR. All self-managed except a bit at Saber Capital, Betterment, and another place.Real estate includes pieces of:
* 15-room hotel in Colorado
* 40-room motel in Colorado
* 14 acres commercial land Montana
* 33k sq ft industrial in Montana
* 80k sq ft industrial in New Jersey
* single-family homes with SFR3
As of 2023-05-11, there exists a loan representing 5% of total assets. Some numbers rounded or manually adjusted.


Nick's 2023 Charitable Donations Tracker
Google Sheets file, updated monthly
Inspired by Jack Dorsey's $1B donation.In 2021 I made a $1M donation to kick myself in the pants and move faster. Then my DAF was down 25% and I put giving on hold. Slowly restarting.2023-05-11 giving update
I still haven't given nearly enough, but at least my DAF isn't down as much as holding the $TSLA would have been. I think I timed it well!
For considerations or suggestions, email.- Family office home page
- List of investments / asset allocation


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